tiistai 18. syyskuuta 2012

Dordeduh "Dojana" video

Romanialaisen black metal yhtyeen Negură Bungetin vahvuudesta vuonna 2009 poistuneen Hupogrammosin ja Sol Faurin perustama Dordeduh ("Dordeduh" comes from three Romanian words, annexed together. "Dor de duh" means "Longing for spirit") julkaisee "Dar De Duh" ("Gift of/from the Spirit") -debyyttinsä 28.09.12

"Dojana" -kappaleesta on kuvattu hieno video ja erittäin hieno on itse kappalekkin, jonka maalaamat jylhät tunnelmat nojaavat vahvasti yhtyeen kotimaan kansanmusiikkiin ja folkloreen. Mistään BM-räimeestä ei siis ole kysymys.

Dordeduhin Hupogrammos kommentoi videota seuraavasti:
"Finally the first video of DORDEDUH is out. For the setting we chose an old, quite unknown Dacian fortress, placed deep into the Apuseni mountains. The place is surrounded by an unusual forest, called locally 'the forest without a face'. This place was the subject of many mysterious stories of people disappearing into the forest without a trace. Fortunately during the shootings nothing unusual happened. We are very happy with the final result and Costin Chioreanu did a great job. Enough describing; we let you to enjoy it!"

Lisäinfoa yhtyeestä englanniksi:
"Dordeduh is the new band of the former Negura Bunget core members Hupogrammos and Sol Faur. Hupogrammos explains the philosophy behind the band: "Dordeduh aims to link the two words "dor" (engl.: yearning for something, missing something) and "duh" (engl.: spirit) to the significant values that make us humans, melting together the soul and the spirit. The way one aligns one's experiences with one's own soul, the way one relates to the Universe, the way one perceives and integrates, through Intention, the perpetually flowing Transcendence, that is what defines different levels of humanity in a person, that is what makes one Human." Musically, Dordeduh will follow the path opened by Negura Bunget, but the musical act will open new perspectives as they will experiment with a new way of approaching black metal as well as using traditional instruments. Hupogrammos: "It is normal for musicians to evolve and develop with every album released, but our goal is to push forward this natural development and to make Dordeduh distinguishable from our musical past."

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